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For a law enforcement agency to be an effective community partner it needs to be trusted and respected.  As your Sheriff, I have served Tompkins County with honor, pride, and integrity, and have expected nothing less from my staff members.  With these expectations met, relationships have been established with the community leading to a better Tompkins County.  



Under my leadership, the Sheriff's Office has become actively engaged with all members of our community.  Our interactions are open, honest, and ongoing.  

  • Creation of a Profressional Standards Unit within the Sheriff's Office.

  • Removal of "ghost-lettering" and the blacked-out appearance of our patrol fleet.

  • Implementation of less military-like appearing uniforms.

  • Inclusion of policies beyond accreditation standards, to include: Duty to Intervene, Equitable Policing, Interactions with Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Persons, and Responding to Incidents Involving Emotionally Disturbed Persons.

  • Enhanced body-cam program to include in-car cameras with regular supervisory review

  • Our first Bicycle Patrol program.

  • Online publication of our policies, use of force statistics, and our personnel complaint procedures (in 11 different languages). We also have an online form for the community to recommend a new policy or a change to an existing one.

  • For the 1st time in Sheriff's Office history, we will complete and obtain NYS Accreditation for our Road Patrol division in 2022.

  • More stringent hiring practices and pre-employment background investigations.

  • Revamped Field Training programs for new hires.

  • Creation of a drug-testing program for Deputy Sheriff's.

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Tompkins County is fortunate to benefit from a culturally diverse community.  Our diversity should be celebrated and not a point of contention and divisiveness.  Mutual respect can be achieved through openness and understanding.  It cannot occur without empathy and partaking in a quest to understand our differences.  As humans, we may not always agree on certain topics, but we must strive to identify our common values.  A feeling of safety and security is one of them. 

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The Sheriff's Office cannot operate without the tax support of hard-working individuals.  Therefore, as Sheriff, I have worked to safeguard your hard-earned dollars through careful and responsible expense tracking. I have significantly reduced unnecessary overtime expenses and have continuously come in under budget.

  • In 2019-2020, at the lowest ranking pay-scale, staff management has resulted in overtime savings of at least 3,036 hours per year, which equated to approximately $94,996 in savings.

  • In 2019, we managed to save $125,980 from various budget lines that was returned to the County's General Fund.

  • To assist with the County's COVID-19 response, we re-allocated $200,782 from our budget. 

  • In 2021, staffing was severely impacted by a County hiring freeze, COVID isolation requirements, and local anti-police sentiment by some, yet, we still came in under budget.



Our training focus has shifted to cultural competency and crisis response techniques. I have made it a goal to host more trainings so that all law enforcement agencies within the county have the opportunity to attend.

  • Our agency completed the One Mind Pledge, which required that all of our deputies receive training in Mental Health First Aid, and another 20% to complete the more intensive Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training.

  • Fair & Impartial Policing, presented by Fair and Impartial Policing LLC.

  • Crisis Response: De-Escalation Skills for Law Enforcement, presented by Silver State Consulting LLC. 

  • Conflict Management for Law Enforcement Professionals.

  • SAFETALK: Suicide Alertness for Everyone.

  • Effectively Responding to Emotional Crisis.

  • Transgender Mindfulness & Equity Training for Employees.

  • Disability Awareness Training for Law Enforcement.

  • Undersheriff Olin was selected to attend the highly selective & prestigious FBI-National Academy in Quantico, VA in the Spring of 2022. This will result in Sheriff Osborne & U/S Olin both being graduates, the only members of the Sheriff's Office to be selected to receive this executive level training. It is estimated that only 1% of U.S. law enforcement members are selected for the academy.



The biggest concern of many of our fellow residents is prompt response to, and the diligent investigation of criminal activity. My dedicated passion for victims, especially those that are most vulnerable, is unwavering.  As a resident of Tompkins County, you have the right to feel safe and secure at home, in your workplace, or at school, regardless of your race, age, or orientation.  Your safety is given the same priority that would be provided by me to my own children and loved ones.

  • Obtained a new K9 with training in tracking and explosives detection.

  • Established a satellite office in Enfield to provide quicker response times for the western portion of the county.

  • Received external funding for a UTV and a drone for use in search & rescue efforts, more less-lethal force options, and better tools to keep responding deputies safe.

  • Reinstituted our Navigation Patrol on Cayuga Lake.

  • Created our first county-wide Centralized Arraignment Program (CAP) within the Sheriff's Office, returning law enforcement resources more quickly to road patrol duties.

  • Established a civilian response unit to triage minor police calls by telephone, freeing up crucial law enforcement resources for more urgent calls. 

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Although a focus on restoring the lives of crime victims should always be at the forefront of our efforts, the criminal justice system is not served simply through incarceration.  We have all experienced being wronged by someone and human nature tends to demand retribution.  However, if we do not properly curb criminal behavior in a positive and meaningful way, we cannot prevent future victimization. 

  • Obtained continual funding for a medication-assisted treatment program (MAT) to assist inmates with drug addiction.

  • We provide counseling and behavioral therapies as a "whole patient" approach.

  • Issued monitored computer tablets that allow increased video visitation as well as educational opportunities through the Khan Academy.

  • Re-negotiated our vendor phone contract to reduce the cost of inmate phone calls by 50%, lessening the burden placed on families and loved ones.

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Tompkins County Sheriff - Ithaca, NY
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